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Opiniones de los estudiantes para BIMM Berlin

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Joel Shani
I chose to study Music Business at BIMM Berlin because it combines what I want to do in life, which is working and understanding a business, in a field I’m passionate about: music. I have a musical and theatrical background – I play guitar and sing and studied music to a high level in high school. It was my best course, because I was passionate ...
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Jane Timmer
I chose the Songwriting course over Vocals or Music Business because of its creativity and the chance to develop myself as a songwriter and performing artist. I’ve been writing songs since I was ten years old and always had a secret dream to follow that passion. BIMM gives me the opportunity to experiment, explore and really focus on my music. I...
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Ulysse Blanc
I really love the people I’ve met at BIMM and in Berlin. We make exciting projects; we dream and work hard together, sharing everything. All of these experiences allow me to know who I am more each day and I think this might be the key to something.
Fredrik Blank
You meet passionate people. You learn about the music business, which is something that I’ve never quite understood before, and you get the chance to go deeper into what this is all about. You learn about songwriting, theory, publishing, music programmes, sound design and mixing. Some tutors and staff here at BIMM are actually really special per...
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Chloe Astruc
I was working in Communication and Event management before joining BIMM, but not at all in the music industry. Going back to studying was a bit of a risk, but the Music Business course was a good way for me to use the knowledge I already had. BIMM is a good way to make connections and develop projects, like the monthly showcase ‘Basement Bash’, ...
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Raffael Brunner
The Drums course at BIMM Berlin is very good. There are just a few drummers in my class, so it’s very individual. When I started at BIMM, I immediately found musicians to play and form bands with, and I learned a lot from playing with them.
Magnus Schroeter
I began studying bass in order to evolve as a bass player – and to get contacts within the music industry to work with in the future. But during my time studying bass, I also discovered my inner producer, so to speak, and I really got into music production and songwriting.
Alessandro Strogulski
I’ve always loved being on stage, and here at BIMM I can perform on stage with many other musicians who inspire me and help me to discover new aspects of myself every day. Here I can step out of my comfort zone to grow as an artist. BIMM is very ‘real life’ oriented, which means that I can use the things I learn practically.
Celine Love
The songwriting course seemed like the perfect fit for what I wanted to do. It allows me to explore myself as an artist but I also get to learn about the business and get used to collaborating. I am even glad that some theory is getting forced into my brain.
Amanda Martin
When I heard about this popular music school, I was really impressed because in Switzerland it’s all about conservatory, classical and jazz music – there’s no such thing as popular music studies. So when I found out that at BIMM you don’t need to pick just one genre – you can do every kind of genre – I felt like it was the place for me. I learne...
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Anna Dungal
Having some experience in the music industry already, I really wanted to expand on that and get a world recognised qualification in the area. I love Berlin and so when I heard of BIMM Berlin it was exactly what I was looking for. I wanted to get a hands-on course that offered a lot of job opportunities; I love that most of my tutors have jobs th...
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