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Opiniones de los estudiantes para GetSmarter

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Maria Z, Assistant Director, UCL Multimedia Anthropology Laboratory

This course, and the online learning experience, significantly exceeded my expectations. Moreover, this course gave me the opportunity to learn more about subjects that I am both deeply interested in and that are extremely topical.

Rob D, Former VP External Affairs Shell International

Overall an excellent experience - exceeded my expectations with quality material, input from tutors and classmates. On line platform is first class by far the best I have used. No technical glitches at all, easy and intuitive honestly faultless system Ive been challenged to think - of course you get out what you put in but the opportunity is the...

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Tiago M.L, Portugal Land Developer, VGP

In the end of the course the outcome is extremely positive for the following reasons: interesting and up-to-date contents and case-studies; very useful and intuitive financial tools to assess investment opportunities; extremely simple and user-friendly interface; and supportive tutors;

Benjamin P, Head of International Relations, Boveda Inc.

My aim was to understand the mechanisms behind regulation and this goal was achieved and I have already been able to use some of the taught contents in my work. The structure of the courses was excellent.

Musa M.N

This is by far one of the best courses I have attended. The lecturers presented the topic with the depth I never expected. The tools presented are very helpful in addressing risk and crisis management in an organization. I am well equipped to deal with routine risks and crisis in my organization. I had a great experience and I am better prepared...

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Sachin J, Therapy Lead, AstraZeneca

The course was well designed and gave a new perspective to me to assess the healthcare options in a new light. A lot of new concepts in terms of changing health states and simulation of characteristics of individual patients really helps understand how systematically and precisely the outcomes of health interventions can be evaluated and should ...

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Scott F, Director of Sports Medicine, Primary Care Sports Medicine, AMC

Overall great online experience. In a short 8-week period, I was able to enhance my management and leadership skills. I was immediately able to apply these skills to my current role in healthcare management.

Daniela G, Consultant, e-mobil BW GmbH

I very much enjoyed the online course. It was very well structured and all content was highly comprehensible due to adequate learning methods and activity submissions. The feedback on submissions was very detailed and helped a lot, for following submissions. Overall I would recommend this course to anyone interested in gaining fundamental knowle...

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Keshani P, Senior Buyer, Volkswagen Group South Africa

This course was very well put together. I felt the content was very engaging and it was a great online experience. I felt a got to know a lot about my classmates even though I did not speak to them directly except through the various forums. This seems to be a great way to learn. The assignments we very relevant and thought-provoking and I will ...

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Haikasia K, Education Manager, International Rescue Committee

The content was well organized, presented and well understood. And I think every manager should be given the opportunity to learn this course. In addition the teaching methodologies used was very attractive and students were engaged to give out their opinions. And i like the way facilitator was very active and emphasizes the students to particip...

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Basil C, Managing Director, Multiverse Partners.

The presentation of the Program exceeded my expectation. The course content is strategic and dense with diverse perspectives and practical examples from professors to professionals. With online learning, there is time to unpack, reflect, and think. The ready-for-application frameworks in real-life situations make this Program invaluable. Finally...

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Panchapakesan B, Chief of Staff to Chief Data Officer

The course is excellent and relevant for leaders who want to build a strong data-driven organization. Insights from industry leaders help understand the relevance of data-science and successful application in solving real business problems

Rob K, Principal Scientist, The Coca-Cola Company

I approached this from a completely non-computer science/coding perspective. My background is in chemistry and the physical science, but this was an invaluable exercise in that strategy is universal. The course is well structured and and leverages many years of online instruction so that the level of effort and learning is very well balanced.

Dr Susan G, Managing Director OTB Engineering Limited

A brilliant program to understand the importance of strategic alignment and the responsibility that Enterprise Leaders play in this. Associate Professor Jonathan Trevor delivers this beautifully with such simplicity for such a complex topic.

Erin J, Vice President Human Resources and Organizational Development

I was more than delighted not only by the content of the program but also the caliber and diversity of talent partaking in the class. Furthermore, the professors and contributors were top notch professionals and expert. This program expanded my thought processes and approach toward addressing and advancing business strategies and diversification...

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Francis E, Chief of Strategic Planning - Aspens Real Estate Head of Operations

I'm excited to participate in this programming, it exceeded my expectations. The online learning experience was easier than i anticipated. The programmer materials was well detailed and reader friendly This has expanded my view and perspective on real estate and sustainable cities. I left with more than i bargained for on this course. It was exc...

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Mikhael M, Vice President, Deutsche Bank

This training was delivered in a very professional way. I like the rigor brought by the fact that there are weekly assignments with deadlines. It helps me stay at pace with the course progress. I learned a lot and my understanding of the topic is deeper, much more technical, and also broader. The possibility to engage with classmates and the gro...

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Vukosi S, Executive Head of Business Data Insights

This Program was truly transformation in providing insights to challenges and opportunities for today's leaders, and how to best embark or enhance your journey. The Program is carefully designed to benefit a wide array of leaders that may be at varying phases of their leadership journey and is anchored in purposeful and high impact leadership, b...

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Natalie S, Manager, Portfolio Risk and Assurance, Department of Planning and Environment

The Oxford Organisational Resilience Program provided me the opportunity to both test and develop my thinking in approaching risk and disruption in my organisation. Focusing on developing skills to anticipate disruption and respond in a way that allows my team and organisation to bounce forward. The course content and material was relevant to to...

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Alysia E, Director, Citrix

I appreciated how the academic content was supplemented with real examples in different contexts. The program is well organized and designed. Significant thought and effort went into the development of this course and content. I feel I now have a more solid foundation, based on research as well as validation for other leaders' experiences. I enj...

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