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Opiniones de los estudiantes para Hyper Island

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Aimee, Service Designer
It’s one of the best decisions I’ve made. Without the MA, I’d probably still be wondering why things are changing around me instead of being part of them.
Stan,Global Head of Professional Development
Hyper Island creates communities of trust and international collegiality around the themes of emerging technology, creativity, and innovation.
Katarina,Digital & Go To Market Specialist
The course is effective, flexible to fit in with your life and full of good learnings. The positive and sharing atmosphere of the learning community was inspiring and it was well worth the investment of time and money.
Lea, Marketing Assistant
The course is excellent, with high-quality learning materials, an easy-to-follow presentation style and constant and immediate support of the trainers. In just a few weeks I got a full overview of the topic and felt more equipped, knowledgeable and confident working with digital marketing.
Joann, Delivery Director
The course was a great learning experience packed with lots of valuable information, workshops to run with my team and interactions with other participants. I took it with a colleague and now we’re working together to apply our learnings in the organisation, something I’d recommend others to do.
Anne, Senior Digital Producer
It was very hands-on, with many tools you can immediately start applying in your workplace. I valued the opportunity to discuss day-to-day situations with the community. Having had the time to work with the learnings for a few months after I finished the course, both the learnings and tools are enabling better teamwork for our team.
Martin, Head of Digital Communication
It gets you fired up to try new things and give you tools and ideas you can easily bring home and integrate into your daily work.
Janet, Digital/Social Media Strategist
If there is only one place you can go for a learning experience on the insights of Social Media, this is it.
Hidayat, Associate Account Director
The lab was an insightful, eye-opening three days that gave me a new perception of what user experience really is.
Johan, Art Director/Graphic Designer
We gained a good understanding of how to embrace digital and how to get a great group dynamics. This course is important if you want a foot-hold in a digital future.
Hyper Island gave me the foundation to approach creative challenges in a effective manner. I gained an understanding of team dynamics and how to manage processes and culture. Focusing on how to work in order to optimise creativity and feedback within each team.
My time at Hyper Island made me more open-minded, more creative and have really helped me wanting to get out of my comfort-zone.
As a practical person that prefers learning by doing, I found a perfect match in Hyper Island. I had the chance to explore new ways of thinking, creating and challenge my status quo
At Hyper Island I learned not only how to create exceptions business results, but also how to create an environment ready for change and where people are eager to develop themselves and the business. For me, this is the two key ingredients for making company’s ready for the future of digitalization.
Hyper for me was an emotional roller coaster, it shook me in a way I hadn't imagined it would and what came out on the other side was the same person, only a lot more aware of who I am and what I can do. It was an enormous confidence boost and humbling experience that I'm so grateful for today!
Hyper Island was for me a lesson in how important it is to surround yourself with likeminded people who push you, inspire you and broaden your horizon. It was a challenging, human experience in how to work better and smarter with people across functions and I think that’s the part I value to the most - and use the most in my current position!
My time at Hyper Island was probably two of the best years of my life. Being surrounded by driven, creative and the friendliest people you can imagine really forces you to step it up personally. At Hyper nothing is impossible, which you can tell by the crazy and amazing projects that the people around you create, and just being a part of that pr...
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My time at Hyper Island keeps on rewarding me a decade after graduation. While the time there was a combination of inspiration, great people and though creative and personal challenges, I now see how the learnings about self-leadership, team work and creativity reflects in my day to day work, working on global communication initiatives for IKEA.

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