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Los nuevos exámenes de los programas

Charter Harley Street
Overall very happy as I was a bit miserable to start and thinking I knew it all. I was wrong. It has been a very useful experience.
Stacey Klaasen, #EBSCare
#EBSBadGastein is pretty awesome as there’s always something going on both day and night. You can spend your days in the school or take to the slopes and spend your evenings in the bars or on top of them! Plus, if you don’t take to skiing then there’s plenty of room for Snow-Angels, I’m a pro at them!
Saúl García Robles, EBS Design
Madrid is a very interesting and vibrant city. It has some of the world’s best museums, unbeatable nightlife and a deep-rooted urban culture. The city has a booming bar scene which makes it the perfect place for EBS to have a bartender school!

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