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Los nuevos exámenes de los programas

Greg Lecrocq, Instructor   |   29/08/2017
I love sharing my passion for the industry, raising the bar to be sure the next generation of guests (when I work) and bartenders (when I teach) will share the same spirit as me.
Chloe Astruc   |   27/06/2017
I was working in Communication and Event management before joining BIMM, but not at all in the music industry. Going back to studying was a bit of a risk, but the Music Business course was a good way for me to use the knowledge I already had. BIMM is a good way to make connections and develop projects, like the monthly showcase ‘Basement Bash’, ...
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Roua   |   23/06/2017
This education is very rewarding. The trainers are highly skilled and inspirational. You meet students who are motivated, positive and passionate about fitness & health. You get a whole new outlook and vision about fitness. Simply said this education was an experience that I would definitely like to do live again.

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